Club Challenge

Do you have the best club in the area?

Is your club up for the challenge?

Have your club enter the DQ Events Club Challenge!

How it works: To create competitiveness among the local clubs we have created a challenge to see which club has the better showing at DQ Events and also who has the better athletes. DQ Events will keep and publish the total club points. It is your responsibility to inform DQ Events of your club before the event! Is your club up for the challenge? Please inform your members and let us know that your club is participating at If your members sign up online they can select your club in the drop-down list when registering. If using a paper form please have your members include their club name on the form.

Awards: At the end of the season the club with the most points will be crowned the winner and will have the club name and year engraved on a large trophy which they will keep (Clubs must have competed in at least 3 applicable events). They will also win 4 comps into any of next years sprint DQ Events. The club with the second highest points will win 3 comps into any of next years sprint DQ Events. The club with the third highest points will win 2 comps into any of next years sprint DQ Events.

Point Summary: Your Club earns 1 point for each member that completes the event and additional points for any members finishing in the following places.

 Event Place Points    Place Points    Place Points 
 Triathlon  Overall 1st8   Overall 2nd7   Overall 3rd6
 Triathlon  Age Group 1st 5   Age Group 2nd 4   Age Group 3rd 3
 Duathlon  Overall 1st7   Overall 2nd6   Overall 3rd5
 Duathlon  Age Group 1st 4   Age Group 2nd 3   Age Group 3rd 2
 AquaBike   Overall 1st1   Overall 2nd1   Overall 3rd1
 Relay Team  Overall 1st1   Overall 2nd1   Overall 3rd1

2019 Final Standings - Congratulations to Tri856!

 Place  Club Points 
1 Tri856269
2 Jersey Shore Tri Club267
3 Bucks County Tri Club186
4 Team Zebra150
5 Philadelphia Tri Club126
6 T3 Triathlon100
7 Wild Harbor Tri Club99
8 Williamstown Tri Club98
9 Turks Head Racing89
10 LBI Tri Club65
11 Superkids50
12 Ocean Running Club45
13 Watts Up Cycling45
14 Wooden Wheels Multisport41
15 Paramount Multisport37
16 Mullica Hill Women's Tri Club35
17 Gold Coast Tri Club31
18 Cadence Racing 31
19 Spring Valley Multisport Gators 25
20 Mapso Tri24
21 Central Jersey Tri Club24
22 West Chester Women's Multisport 23
23 WAVES23
24 TMB23
25 No Limits Endurance Coaching22
26 Team RWB22
27 Next Level Performance20
28 Brooklyn Tri Club20
29 Jersey Girls StayStrong Multisport 13
30 DT+N12
31 Sandy Hookers Tri Club12
32 Edge Fitness Racing10
33 CrossFit Toy Box10
34 Ridgewood Triathletes10
35 After Party Tri Team9
36 717Ribe7
37 Breakaway Bikes7
38 TUF Race Team6
39 Jersey Devils Multisport5
40 Furthur Training and Racing4
41 Team Triumph4
42 Team Kevin Strive2
43 AIM4Tri2
44 Run Around Princeton Triathletes 1
45 Live4Tri1
46 Philly Pro Tri1
45 Speed Sherpa1

2018 Final Standings - Congratulations to Bucks County Tri Club!

 Place  Club Points 
1 Bucks County Tri Club315
2 Jersey Shore Tri Club271
3 Tri856266
4 Turks Head Racing137
5 Philadelphia Tri Club132
6 Williamstown Tri Club123
7 Wild Harbor Tri Club109
8 Ocean Running Club102
9 T3 Triathlon87
10 SuperKids58
11 Central Jersey Tri Club52
12 No Limits Endurance48
13 Watts Up Cycling44
14 LBI Tri Club41
15 Team RWB40
16 West Chester Womens Multisport38
17 Mullica Hill Womens Tri33
18 Sandy Hookers Tri Club33
19 Breakaway Bikes31
20 Paramount Multisport28
21 TMB28
22 Mapso Tri24
23 Run Around Princeton Triathletes21
24 Spring Valley Multisport19
25 Gold Coast Tri Club18
26 Jersey Devils Multisport15
27 Team Kevin Strive9
28 Jersey Girls Stay Strong Multisport7
29 Ridgewood Triathletes7
30 Next Level Performance7
31 Brooklyn Tri Club5
32 Exit3 Multisport5
33 Inner Drive Fitness3
34 Waves2
35 Aim4tri1
36 Team Lucas1
37 Optimum Health Group1

2017 Final Standings - Congratulations to Bucks County Tri Club!

 Place  Club Points 
1 Bucks County Tri Club352
2 Jersey Shore Tri Club346
3 Philadelphia Tri Club196
4 Williamstown Tri Club141
5 Breakaway Bikes118
6 Turks Head Racing103
7 Mullica Hill Womens Tri Club91
8 Ocean Running Club84
9 Tri85676
10 T3 Triathlon63
11 Sandy Hookers Tri Club58
12 Central Jersey Tri Club55
13 Team RWB47
14 Jersey Girls Stay Strong44
15 Wild Harbor Tri Club35
16 Paramount Multisport31
17 LBI Tri Club29
18 TMB27
19 Team Triumph22
20 Gold Coast Tri21
21 West Chester Womens Multisport15
22 Superkids13
23 Team Kevin Strive13
24 Run Around Princeton Triathletes11
25 No Limits Endurance Coaching8
26 Ridgewood Triathletes7
27 Brooklyn Tri Club5
28 Philly Pro Tri Club4
29 Spring Valley Multisport3
30 Next Level Performance3
31 Exit3 Multisport1
32 Live4Tri1
33 Team Zebra1

2016 Final Standings - Congratulations to Jersey Shore Tri Club!

 Place  Club Points 
1 Jersey Shore Tri Club367
2 Bucks County Tri Club260
3 Philadelphia Tri Club180
4 Breakaway Racing103
5 Jersey Girls Stay Strong86
6 Williamstown Tri Club79
7 Sandy Hookers Tri Club69
8 Mullica Hill Womens Tri Club63
9 LBI Tri Club56
10 Ocean Running Club46
11 T3 Triathlon43
12 TMB41
13 Gold Coast Tri30
14 Team Triumph26
15 Central Jersey Tri Club24
16 Philly Pro Tri Club19
17 Team RWB18
18 Brooklyn Tri Club15
19 Live4Tri14
20 Edge Fitness Racing12
21 Paramount Multisport12
22 Team Kevin11
23 Mapso Tri9
24 Next Level Performance5
25 Wild Harbor Tri Club5

2015 Final Standings - Congratulations to Jersey Shore Tri Club!

 Place  Club Points 
1 Jersey Shore Tri Club352
2 Bucks County Tri Club208
3 Breakaway Racing122
4 Sandy Hookers Tri Club105
5 Philadelphia Tri Club100
6 Team Triumph76
7 Jersey Girls Stay Strong Multisport73
8 Williamstown Tri Club72
9 Philly Pro Tri67
10 Edge Fitness Racing59
11 Gold Coast Tri Club47
12 Ocean Running Club40
13 TMB40
14 Mullica Hill Womens Tri38
15 LBI Tri Club34
16 Breakaway Bikes30
17 T3 Triathlon Team27
18 Central Jersey Tri Club19
19 Team Kevin Strive18
20 Paramount Multisport9
21 Mapso Tri Club6
22 Exit3 Multisport6
23 NJ Devil Tri5
24 Aim4Tri1

2014 Final Standings - Congratulations to Jersey Shore Tri Club!

 Place  Club Points 
1 Jersey Shore Tri Club239
2 Bucks County Tri Club203
3 Sandy Hookers Tri Club161
4 Breakaway Racing85
5 Team Triumph76
6 Philadelphia Tri Club61
7 Mullica Hill Womens Tri61
8 LBI Tri Club58
9 Williamstown Tri Club51
10 Ocean Running Club50
11 Jersey Girl Stay Strong Multisport44
12 Edge Fitness Racing41
13 Spring Valley Multisport Gators37
14 Philly Pro Tri36
15 Central Jersey Tri Club15
16 Mapso Tri Club9
17 Inner Drive Fitness6
18 Exit 3 Multisport5
19 Aim4Tri2
20 Hockessin Tri Club2
21 Stomp the Monster1
22 Westwood Cycles1

2013 Final Standings - Congratulations to Jersey Shore Tri Club!

 Place  Club Points 
1 Jersey Shore Tri Club193
2 Bucks County Tri Club149
3 Sandy Hookers Tri Club101
4 LBI Tri Club74
5 Philadelphia Tri Club67
6 Team Triumph61
7 Mullica Hill Womens Tri Club50
8 Jersey Girls Stay Strong Multisport40
9 Williamstown Tri Club35
10 Ocean Running Club33
11 Turks Head Tri Club23
12 Philly Pro Tri22
13 Mapso Tri18
14 Central Jersey Tri Club7
15 Aim4Tri4
16 Turtle Shell3
17 Jersey Devils3