Events by DQ Events & Our Grand Prix Partners

2024 Events by DQ Events

The below events are hosted by DQ Events and are eligible for Bundles, Bundle Benefits, Coupons, and Transfers when applicable and accepted*

June 2 - Long Beach Township (LBI) PBA Breakfast 5k Run/Walk

July 6 - Vincentown Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, & *NEW* Aquathlon

July 27 - Laurel Lake Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, Super Sprint Triathlon, & *NEW* Aquathlon IHO William Laubengeyer

August 1 - Vincentown Super Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

August 25 - Medford Lakes Colony Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike

September 7 - Pine Barrens Olympic Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, Sprint Triathlon, and *NEW* Aquathlon 

September 22 - Long Beach Island Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike at Bayview Park

September 29 - Treasure Island Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, & Kayak Triathlon

2024 Events by our Grand Prix Partners

The below events are hosted by our Grand Prix Partners and are eligible for Bundles and Coupons*

April 20 - Spring Ahead Duathlon - Even Kiel Racing

May 4 - Adventure Triathlon at the Edge - Even Kiel Racing

June 8 - Jersey Genesis Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike - Jersey Genesis Triathlon

June 15 - Stafford Race for HOPE Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike - Trident Multisport

June 22 - Sunset Lake Triathlon - Even Kiel Racing

August 17 - Brookville Olympic Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike; Sprint Triathlon & Aquabike - Trident Multisport

August 18 - GreenFields Triathlon, Duathlon, 5k Run, & Splash+Dash - Even Kiel Racing

September 8 - marshall FINANCIAL GROUP Warrington Cares Sprint Tri/Du/Aqua - Warrington Triathlon

September 28 - Ring the Belle Women's Triathlon - Even Kiel Racing

October TBD - Survival of the Mills: 5-Stage Triathlon & Duathlon - Trident Multisport

* Certain exclusions may apply. Kayak events do not gain points. Events may change, be removed, or be added at the discretion of DQ Events.