Events by DQ Events & Our Grand Prix Partners

Events by DQ Events

The below events are hosted by DQ Events and are elligible for Bundles, Bundle Benefits, Coupons, and Transfers when applicable and accepted*

May 27 - Hammonton Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike 

June 4 - Long Beach Township (LBI) PBA Breakfast 5k Run/Walk

July 8 - Vincentown Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike

July 29 - Laurel Lake Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, & Super Sprint Triathlon IHO William Laubengeyer

August 3 - Vincentown Super Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

August 27 - Medford Lakes Colony Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike

September 9 - Pine Barrens Sprint Triathlon

September 17 - Long Beach Island Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike at Bayview Park

October 1 - Treasure Island Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, & Kayak Triathlon

Events by our Grand Prix Partners

The below events are hosted by our Grand Prix Partners and are elligible for Bundles and Coupons*

May 6 - Adventure Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, & Trail Run at the Manor

June 3 - Jersey Genesis Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike

June 11 - Stafford Triathlon, Duathlon, & AquaBike 

October 8 - Adventure Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike, & Trail Run at Belleplain

TBD - Brookville Sprint Triathlon & AquaBike

TBD - Goodman Properties Warrington Cares Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike

TBD - Parvin Anniversary Duathlon, Super Sprint Duathlon, & Trail Run

TBD - Survival of the Mills Triathlon/Duathlon 

* Certain exclusions may apply. Events may change, be removed, or be added at the discretion of DQ Events.