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How to Put On a Timing Chip and Strap (ChronoTrack Tri Tag)

Instructions provided by ChronoTrack are here: https://www.dqevents.com/how-to-wear-bibs-chips-tags

If you inadvertently left a race with our chip please return it in a reinforced envelope to: DQ Events Att: Scott Sellers, 178 Hunterdon Rd., Woodbury, NJ 08096


"As another season comes to a close I just wanted to give a shout out to Scott , Chuck, and the DQ Events staff! I've been doing triathlons going on 15 years, my first was a DQ Event and I continue to race their races season after season. This sport can be a pricey one for sure and race fees for the large events can be! One of the best cost values in local racing are the many events DQ puts on each season, races for athletes from beginner to Elite! Support local racing, it's with it that our sport grows and remember without volunteers there is no triathlon. A huge shout out to those that give back of their time and volunteer... Kudos!" - Brian Zobel

"Everyone at DQ Events are amazing! They run a very nice race, know exactly what they are doing and are very efficient. They have a well organized transition, clear courses, easy registration process, and have events that are incredibly spectator friendly. Once race was a complete downpour and I didn't plan well, and they loaned me a coat to wear to keep dry and warm during the race while I cheered on my wife. If you see a race advertised that is run by DQ Events, sign up as fast as you can! They are 100% Distinguished Quality all the way!" - Russell J. Zera recommends DQ Events

"GOOD COMPANY!!!" - Hong Mao rated DQ Events 5 out of 5 stars

"Great Pine Barrens Olympic Race today! I have to honestly say that this is the most convenient and well run triathlons i have ever done. Getting there was easy, parking was right next to transition, packet-pickup and on site registration were a breeze, bathroom facilities where the best i ever had with not 1 portapotty, the roads were relatively empty, the lake was beautiful, the trail run in 100% shade was amazing. Seriously I give this 5/5 rating! It just all went so smoothly and was a pleasure. And last but not least the volunteers were all AWESOME!!! You guys rock and i will definitely be back next year." - Glen Frick

"I thought this was worth a share. I got home from work today and had this waiting for me in the mailbox. Chuck Sellers sent me a shirt from the Medford Lakes Sprint at his own expense. You're not going to get this kind of personal attention from the big race companies. Just another reason to support DQ Events beyond the simple fact that they put on fantastic events!" - Scott Andersen

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. Today's race was my first Olympic distance tri and I couldn't have picked a better first race. The course was very friendly to beginners, but what really made the race great for me was the excellent organization and the wonderful volunteers. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and made me feel so enthusiastic as I was racing. I had a great time!"

"Thanks again for organizing a great race!" - Melissa Garry 

“If you haven’t checked out some of the great events produced by DQ Events in and around the New Jersey area, consider it a must to do so. In times of other race management companies offering very little for your overpriced entry fee, DQ is a breath of fresh air. DQ delivers everything the athlete needs at a price point that won’t break the bank.”- Stephen Brown of http://remissionman.com

"Compliments to you, Tom and the entire Staff for their diligence and effort in completing another successful DQ Series in 2012. DQ Events continues to be well-organized, efficiently-operated, affordable and athlete- friendly. They really fulfill the needs and challenges of local and regional duathletes and triathletes. I look forward to 2013! Have a healthy and happy fall and winter! See you in the spring, God willing!" - Don Flynn